Month 2: Hot Pepper Dudes Fire Out The Hole! Review (August 2012)

Hello Again Hot Sauce Lovers! Our second shipment of the Hot Sauce Club sauce has officially been delivered.  To all our members, thank you for your continued support of our Hot Sauce Club at and welcome all our new club members! We received a lot of great feedback from our first shipments of Awesome Sauce and we’ve also been ..continue reading

Month 1: Dad’s West Coast Awesome Sauce Review (July 2012)

Hey Hey Hot Sauce Lovers! We did it! The first month’s shipment of the Hot Sauce Club has officially been posted, and we have YOU to thank! To all our first Month members, you’re awesome, and thanks for joining the club, you’re in great company! We’ve spent months testing SO many artisan sauces, that ..continue reading

How to Make Hot Sauce at Home (Peperoncino Piccante)

As fun and exciting as it is to receive your new batch of artisan Hot Sauces each month, sometimes nothing fills the ‘yearn for the burn’ like some home-made hot sauce! If you have ever wanted to learn how to make hot sauce at home, then read on!. (Ingredient list is at the end of ..continue reading

Hello Hot Sauce Lovers!

Monday, 28th May, 2012

Hello Hot Sauce Lovers!

After months of preparation, building this site and testing soooo many different hot sauces, sourced from the world over.. We are now ready to launch! Hooray! We’re excited to keep you updated with news and reviews of all the different hot sauces we have been taste testing over the past few months. If you’re not ..continue reading

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