Month 9: High Octane Peach Bowl Speedway (March 2013)

Hello Hot Sauce Lovers! We’re having a revisit by popular demand. Our demand. High Octane Sauce Company, one of our early favorites, is back this month with two new sauce flavors – High Octane’s Peach Bowl Speedway, and High Octane’s  Rice Burner.

High Octane Hot Sauce chimes in from KATY, TEXAS.

Name: High Octane Peach Bowl Speedway
Origin: Katy, Texas (elevation 141 ft)
Creator: Kevin Billings
Pepper: Habarnero Chilis

High Octane Hot Sauces


High Octane is on our radar from late 2012 when we reviewed some of the unique flavors they bottled up with their SAE 30 Chocolate Hot Sauce and one of our personal favorites, Island Hopper Tropical Yellow 7-Pot Pepper Sauce. When High Octane hot sauce creator Kevin Billings let us know about some new flavors on the product list, we had to give them a try.

This month we feature the Peach Bowl Speedway- Peach Habanero Sauce.  Charred Habaneros, blended with peaches, peach nectar, ginger and spices. On the High Octane website, they describe the origin of the Peach Bowl Speedway inspiration.

“Back in the 50′ and 60’s a track in Georgia called the Peach Bowl Speedway used to hold midget car and dirt track racing events. Our tribute to those days is the Peach Bowl Speedway Peach Habanero hot sauce. “

Hot Sauce Review:

Similar to Island Hopper, with its fruit-based (charred pineapple), Peach Bowl Speedway introduces peaches into the mix with a unique sweet and hot, fruity hot sauce sensation. Peach Bowl Speedway is not the typical hot sauce combination of ingredients you’d expect – Kevin has crafted a sweet summer peach, with ginger and Habanero, and an assortment of other spices  …we may have gone to another level of flavor, where fruit, spice, and heat collide.

This spicy, fruity heat sensation was going on to a slow-cooked Mexican pork chile verde …a garlicky, moderately spicy pork stew that includes charred tomatillos, cilantro, onion and lime juice.

Slow-cooked Mexican pork chile verde

…and a bed of basmati rice.

A fresh sliced tomato, and a dollop of home made  guacamole, and High Octane’s Peach Boat Speedway Peach Habanero Sauce, and we are ready to go.

High Octane Hot Sauce Review

If you taste Peach Bowl Speedway straight out of the bottle , the first thing your going to taste is the peach, then you’re really going to feel the burn. When the burn eases up a bit you’re going to get the ginger, the brown sugar, and a hint of vinegar. The burn will still be there, but the other flavors will come though. When I first tasted it, I had been sipping an ice cold, sweetened lemonade, so the burn was a little more extreme.

Peach Bowl Speedway Hot Sauce

Peach Bowl Speedway is a well blended and is rich in texture. The sauce is not overly thick, and I pour it straight out of the bottle. I don’t think you want to mix this sauce too much, and risk having the  flavor lost – it’s a topper, not a mixer.  It’s a fresh tasting hot sauce that reminds me of apple and cinnamon. It’s one of the hotter fruit based hot sauces I’ve had, but it’s not overwhelming heat, all the flavors shine through. High Octane makes great hot sauces that aren’t so hot that you’ll regret it later.

High Octane Rice Burner

The second sauce Kevin sent out was the High Octane Rice Burner. Rice Burner is a sweet and spicy Asian influenced, sesame garlic hot sauce that uses hoison, soy and fish sauce. It’s a mouth warming spice that is a perfect Asian flavor boost for a light vegetable stir-fry or a simple grilled chicken and rice dish. Kevin suggests you drizzle some over Asian dumplings to add some kick, or for a unique twist, make it a glaze for baby back ribs.

Check out the High Octane Sauce Company Facebook page and website. You can check out all of the creative flavors you can try or send as a gift. They have 2, 3 or 4 bottle sets.

Recap of Smokestack Lightning Hot Sauce Review:

Best pairings: Any kind of pork dish, from ham and eggs to a Grilled Bacon Smørrebrød Sandwich (That looks good!). Peking duck with the High Octane Rice Burner could be a epic pairing.
Texture and Appearance:  Medium thickness with chunks of peaches, onion and Habanero peppers.
Taste:  Fresh peach flavor that is sweet and spicy, with layers of flavor and heat and garlic flavor. Initially a hot sauce warm enough to put make your brows sweat, but not so hot that it disturbs the layers of flavor. Perfect sauce for grilled pork or duck.
Heat Scale : 6/10
Ingredients : Peaches, peach nectar, Habanero chillis, fresh Ginger, spices,water, vinegar, salt.
Graphics/Packaging: 5 0z bottle with clean design white labels that include nutritional facts, ingredients and contact information via their website and Facebook page.

Final Thoughts: You know you like a sauce if you once had that sauce in the fridge,  and now you don’t have that sauce in the fridge.  A great 5oz bottle of hot sauce can disappear in 2 meals or less, and this is one of those sauces. After making a meal of it, and after repeated taste testings for the sake of writing a review, I’m down to 1/3 of a bottle. I like a sauce that brings the sparkle of a fruit like pineapple, mango and apple. You don’t very often find a great sauce made with peaches. It has a well blended mix of sweetness and heat, with lasting array of flavors from garlic to hints of cinnamon, which may or may not be just an interpretation of  the Habanero chilis and brown sugar, in any case, it has an awesome flavor.

Be sure to visit the High Octane Facebook page often to see what they are offering. (To try this hot sauce, and many more like it join the Club!)

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