Triiifecto Supernova Hotsauce

Month 11: Triiifecto Supernova Planetary Pepper Sauce (May 2013)

Hello Hot Sauce Lovers!  This month we tapped into the delicious creations of Triiifecto Planetary Pepper Sauce – #09 Sun Original Hot Pepper Sauce and Nth Degree Supernova Mango-Ghost Pepper Sauce hot sauces are the two sauces that arrived this month.

Triiifecto create and ship their pepper sauces from McHENRY COUNTY, ILLINOIS.

Name: Nth Degree Supernova Mango-Ghost Pepper Sauce
Origin: McHenry County, Illinois (Founded 1836)
Creator: Dan Bowman
Pepper: Habarnero, Red Savina, Bhut Jolokia

Triiifecto Supernova Hotsauce


Not a lot is known about Dan, the man behind Triiifecto Planetary Pepper Sauces, we do know he is an entrepreneur who is passionate about hot sauce, cooking, grilling and enjoying life. These sauces are a product of passion, evident by the well thought out theme of the brand and the quality of the sauces. Dan seems happy to let the sauce speak for itself – at least when it comes to his online presence – and these sauces can speak for themselves, as I’ve seen through a number of videos on Youtube as well as other hot sauce review websites.

Hot Sauce Review:

As it gets hotter and the summer draws closer, there is less ambition to be creating more heat in the kitchen than we need. That’s why for this review I decided this hot sauce needs to meet some crispy wings that require some Triiifecto pepper sauce lovin’. We’re preparing something for the Nth Degree Supernova Mango-Ghost Pepper Sauce, and that something is …Wingstop wings!

I’ve never had Wingstop wings, but I saw an ad on TV pretty much around the same time I noticed the Wingstop on the corner up the street – funny how that works. So anyway, what better opportunity to give them a try?

Wingstop has pretty good Classic wings. I ordered the Mild flavor, the Lemon Pepper and the Garlic Parmesan. I tried a few of the Wingstop Original Hot too, on the side, just to see what it tasted like. FYI – It’s the expected tangy, orange-red, vinegar-based, fire coating that kinda dominates everything it touches. I don’t think it was very hot, but for those who otherwise eat bland food, it’s food for thought.

Back to Supernova…..

I did indeed pop the flow-control top, as usual, and dove right in. Just by looking at this sauce I knew it was going to be too thick to get through the tiny hole! I really think the best use for those flow-control tops on a hot sauce is if you’re putting a really hot sauce on popcorn …you never know which bite is going to have a super hot surprise – especially eating the popcorn in the dark.

So the safety was off, so to speak, and I poured some out Nth Degree Supernova Mango-Ghost Pepper Sauce and lit the ignition. In …4 …3 ….2 …1, Welcome to the surface of the sun. Yes, welcome indeed.  Supernova has a kick, and it has a lot of flavor, but mostly kick, from the likes of  the Bhut Jolokia pepper and the capsaicin extract. I know when I’ve had a good hot pepper sauce because I get hiccups! Is that just me?

This sauce means business, and if you can get by those first few bites, where the heat is just below the point of choking you, then you’re going to have a pretty good night traveling to distant galaxies with Supernova.

Mind the middle frame above …it was hard to get a steady shot, let alone see straight.

Putting the heat aside for a minute, the Nth Degree Supernova Mango-Ghost Pepper Sauce is a pretty fresh tasting Habanero-based pepper sauce. It’s light on the tangy flavors and heavy on the deep peppery flavors.  You can get a hint of the mango through the heat the more you enjoy it, although you probably don’t want to put Supernova on every bite, at least until you’re lips are numb. This sauce brings the heat and it’s flavors are going to stay with you, so sit back and enjoy the ride. I’ve since enjoyed this sauce with a toasted artichoke and mozzarella flat bread, carefully dipping  just the sides – it was delicious.

Great texture and thickness from the Supernova. It’s a good consistency for foods like wings. I tapped an ice cold Newcastle Brown Ale to keep it cool.

This is something I wanted to share, as it seemed to be a good branding idea with the bottle tops of the Triiifecto sauces. I don’t know if it was intentional, but if you look at my fridge door where I keep some of the latest sauce sensations, it can get confusing which one you want, as it’s impossible to see a label at a glance. This bottle top marking the Triiifecto bottles have, although strange as it may be, helped me quickly locate which sauce I wanted without lifting and turning bottles to read the labels. Great branding idea regardless, whether it’s a sticker, a hand written symbol, or something printed right on the cap.

Triffecto Pepper Sauce certainly has a theme with all of the sauces and salsas they are offering. Planetary Pepper Sauces, each named after planets and stars. They cover a wide variety of flavors including a peach-onion sauce, a kiwi-jalapeno pepper sauce, a mango-habanero sauce and a Louisiana style pepper sauce. They even have a Sun Goddess Ghost Amaterasu Insane Pepper Sauce which has a recipe that makes use of Butch T. Trinidad Scorpion pepper, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) peppers, and habanero peppers.  Amaterasu’s focus was “all on heat which allowed the peppers to provide whatever aroma and flavor came along with the package”.  

Some of the other flavors sound pretty interesting as well. Take, for example, the Saturn Peach Vidalia Onion Pepper Sauce, “The small amount of heat from the peppers blends with the sweetness of the cane sugar and blue agave to provide you a most-unique flavor that accents turkey, grilled shrimp and Asian cuisine very well.”

You can check out the website to read a description of each sauce.

Triiifecto Pepper Sauce

Recap of  Triffecto Supernova Mango Ghost Pepper Sauce Review:

Best pairings: Pasta, bruschetta, caprese salad, meatballs, cheese sticks …Italian, you get the idea.
Texture and Appearance: Blended and smooth but has a nice body and thickness.
Taste: Very hot peppery flavor with hints of mango, lime and garlic.
Heat Scale : 8/10
Ingredients :  Habanero pepper, red savina pepper, bhut jolokia pepper, mango, water, acetic acid, lime juice, bok choy garlic, capsaicin extract, spices, beta carotene (vitamin A), pyridoxine hydrocholoride (vitamin B6), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), xanthan gum
Graphics/Packaging: 5 oz glass bottle with self-made, in-house design and printing from all appearances. Although the bottle label could use a  professional redesign at some point, it does offer a lot of information. There is a heat scale, nutritional facts, an ingredients list, an expiry date, and a short quote from the creator, Dan Bowman, about the philosophy behind his sauce creation.

Final Thoughts: I am curious what the other, less hot, sauces from Triiifecto taste like. We like to find unusual heat flavors from small batch producers, and along with that we usually request one of their hot flavors, because our subscribers like HOT sauces. Our Triiifecto selections for this review were among the hottest they offer. Supernova lives up to its name and did not disappoint, and my lips were on fire for a good while after a delicious snack of wings and beer. Don’t be a hero with this one unless you know how to take the heat …or at least ease into it. This sauce has bok choy as an ingredient, which is surprising – I’m going to guess it has something more to do with the texture than flavor.

Be sure to visit the Triiifecto Planetary Pepper Sauces & Salsas  Facebook page often to see what they are offering. (To try this hot sauce, and many more like it join the Club!)

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